What Happened to Pam Tillis?

August 23, 2023

The daughter of famed country singer Mel Tillis has rolled with whatever twists and turns her career have taken. And even though she’s had a few highs and lows along the way, she has never lost her focus on what truly matters: the music.

Pam Tillis began her musical journey at a young age with band, chorus and talent shows, all of which helped shape her into the entertainer she is today. Her early years also saw her singing demos and lending her voice to national jingles. She would later write the song The Other Side of the Morning for country singer Barbara Fairchild the piece ranked 72 on the Hot Country Songs Chart in the late 70’s.

After working as a staff writer for Elektra Asylum Publishing, she would take a job at Tree Publishing. She soon realized that her passion lay in the melodies themselvesand after a brief stint in California where she began a jazz and rock group, she returned to Nashville and signed with Arista Records. Her first single with the label was a top five hit called Don’t Tell Me What to Do. Throughout the 1990’s, she released three more albums, including a top 20 hit called Shake the Sugar Tree and two number one hits called Maybe It Was Memphis and Romeo.

Along the way she has won numerous awards, from a Music Row Award to a Country Music Association Female Vocalist of the Year, to a Grammy nomination for her work on the multi-artist collaboration Same Old Train. She’s appeared on Broadway in New York, modeled for Glamour magazine and is a member of The Grand Ole Opry.


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