What Happened to Pat and Jen?

October 11, 2023

With all the drama surrounding pat from PopularMMOs and jen from GamingWithJen, a lot of fans are wondering what happened to them. Many of them first found the channel a few years ago when Jen and Pat were married and featured together on both of their channels. They even made a joint channel together and appeared to be very happy together. So, when did they separate and what caused the breakup?

In a video on their PopularMMOs channel, the couple announced that they were breaking up in early 2019. The video had over 8 million views at the time of publication. They said that they had actually split up a while prior to making this video and were waiting until they felt comfortable discussing it on a public platform. They cited that they had different priorities, that Jen wanted to have children, and that each person was entitled to happiness in their own way.

After the breakup, Pat took over the PopularMMOs channel and introduced his new girlfriend Liz to his subscribers. The two quickly became a favorite couple for their Minecraft videos, and they frequently interacted with each other in the channel.

However, in May 2021, Pat was arrested on charges of domestic battery against Liz. This led to a huge backlash from viewers as well as the gaming community in general. Pat denied the allegations and claimed that he had never touched Liz in any way. The case was eventually dropped after they were able to come up with an alternate explanation.


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