What Happened to Patty's Baby on Goliath?

September 10, 2023

What Happened to Patty’s Baby on Goliath?

Patty tells her sister that her child died after being premature. She also tells her she has never loved anybody as much as she loves David, and that he is the best thing that ever happened to her. She then calls Sam to come over and talk with her.

Meanwhile, Marisol and Clayton have a plan to kidnap Tito and get him to a meeting with the drug broker. They call the numbers on Roman’s phone that are bagged into evidence, which leads to a club. Patty tries to find them there, but the brokers henchmen spot her and start hunting her down.

During the trial, Patty puts Gina on the stand, but Callie discredits her by showing her pictures of destruction that were not related to Borns Tech’s cluster bomb model. She also points out that the blueprints found in the time capsule do not have the Borns Tech name or logo, which would prove that they were not responsible for Ryan’s death.

Billy McBride has earned rave reviews for his performance on Goliath, and it looks like the series might be back for a fourth season. Newsweek recently talked to several cast members, including Nina Arianda and Billy Bob Thornton, about what is ahead for the series. Check out the article for more details, including why they think it might return!


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