What Happened to Paula From Jersey Shore?

March 23, 2024

If you grew up watching Jersey Shore, chances are you know who Paula is. She was the first girl to truly win Mike's heart and gave Sammi a run for her money. Paula also worked at the tanning salon where most of the cast would frequent. While she and Mike were not long-term lovers, it was definitely a memorable relationship.

However, things didn't end well between the two. In the season 6 finale, Mike discovered that when he ordered a cake for Pauly, she had actually put a photo of a man's testicles on top, and there was even a caption to go with it. He got really mad at her and called her to confront her, but she pretended to not hear him and threw the duck phone across the room, smashing it into a million pieces.

It seems like the prank backfired, as Mike and Paula ended their relationship. The two were never able to make it work.

Since leaving the show, Paula has gotten married and now has two young children. She is a bartender by trade and enjoys shopping at Michael's, South Park, and Harry Potter. She also loves to take her children on family trips and is a huge animal lover.

She has been active on social media, frequently posting photos of her beautiful family. We can't wait to see what she will post about her next big adventure. As for the original cast of the show, many have moved on from their time at the Shore. Some have been invited to join the reboot, while others are not involved. For now, we can only hope that some of them will return one day.


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