What Happened to Peta Jensen?

November 5, 2023

After making a splash in the adult industry, Peta Jensen has been hard at work building a career outside of the spotlight. Her dedication to expanding her horizons and engaging with her fans on a more personal level has led to an array of captivating endeavors. She has also branched out into philanthropy, advocating for causes that are close to her heart.

Peta’s petite body, incredible facial features, and passion for the camera made her a natural on-screen performer. She shot her first scene in 2014 and was already a star by early spring 2015, scoring spots in Bra Busters 6 and Giant Juicy Juggs 4.

The gorgeous brunette has a lot going for her. She’s a size 34DDD and her knockers are as round as they come. Her boob job was a personal choice, as she decided that her D-cups weren’t quite big enough to give the camera what it needs.

She’s also a vegan and an avid fitness buff, regularly engaging in both yoga and hiking. Peta’s healthy lifestyle is an inspiration to her followers, who she encourages to prioritize their mental health and embrace a positive body image.

In addition to her fitness and wellness routines, Peta has delved into the world of fashion by launching her own line of luxury lingerie. She has partnered with renowned designers to create a collection that reflects her unique personality and sense of style.


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