What Happened to Pete Najarian on CNBC?

October 14, 2023

The Najarian brothers are a familiar sight on the CNBC network as they appear regularly on multiple shows each week. Offering a combination of financial advice and stock exchange trading knowledge the two experts share their analysis with viewers on their segments. Their topics range from current events to business news that affects investors in both traditional markets and the cryptocurrency sector.

Pete and Jon Najarian have been a part of the CNBC family since 2004. Both have backgrounds in investment banking and portfolio management and both have a passion for stock market investing. The brothers are known for their specialty options trading strategies which allow them to get in early on stocks that they believe are poised to take off soon. In addition to their focus on specialty options trades the duo also focuses on companies that have good underlying value and potential for a short-term gain.

In addition to their frequent appearances on Halftime Report the brothers are a regular fixture on several other CNBC programs including Mad Money and Squawk Alley. They tend to be seen more frequently during times of market volatility or economic unrest when their extensive knowledge of the stock market and individual stocks can provide valuable insight for investors.

Both have a long history of success as stock traders and continue to be highly sought after in the industry. They have worked at a number of investment firms including Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, LaSalle St Investment Group and their own firm Najarian Financial Group. They both have impressive resumes that include numerous awards and recognitions for their work in the finance industry.


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