What Happened to Phillip From Little Big Town?

September 10, 2023

Little Big Town was performing at BST Hyde Park over the weekend when they were interviewed by Smooth Country. Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, and Kimberly Schlapman were joined by Eamonn Kelly and talked about everything from their trip to London, to their recent tours with Eagles and Miranda Lambert, and more.

They also opened up about Phillip Sweet’s COVID-19 diagnosis and the fact that he’ll be missing the ACM Awards this Sunday because of it. During the interview, the band said that he’s not feeling well and he won’t be joining them on stage to perform “Wine, Beer, Whiskey” at Nashville’s Broadway because they’d need to follow COVID-19 protocols to do so.

Westbrook, Fairchild, and Schlapman explained that while he’s on the mend, they don’t think he’ll be ready to go public yet. They added that they check in on him all the time and she even left chicken and dumplings on his doorstep to help him get better.

Philip Sweet and his wife Becky seem like really cool people with a lot of different interests! They’re also best friends with Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline, which is super cool!

They married in 2007 and have a daughter named Penelopi. They met while working as interns at their record label and dated for awhile before getting married. The couple recently appeared on the Get Real! podcast alongside Caroline Hobby chatting about their marriages. Watch the video below to hear more about them!


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