What Happened To Pompa On Iron Resurrection?

March 7, 2023

what happened to pompa on iron resurrection

What Happened To Pompa On Iron Resurrection

Fans of the Motor Trend show Iron Resurrection were left wondering what happened to pompa on season four. It seems that the character has disappeared from the show after he was no longer seen on camera.

The reality show revolves around Joe Martin, who won the Biker Build-Off on Discovery Channel and is now a renowned custom biker. The series follows him and his best friend Jayson Arrington as they work together at Martin Bros Customs, where they breathe life into cars that have been branded as irredeemable.

He has a long history in the automotive industry, which started when he was a teenager. He worked in metal shops and learned the skills that he needed to be a successful auto mechanic.

Aside from working in the shop, he has his own business that pimps out cool whips. This is something he enjoys doing, so it's understandable that he wanted to take some time away from the television show.

But why?

One theory is that he felt drained after four seasons of the show. Another possibility is that he just got tired of the constant jokes and pranks that were thrown his way on an episode-by-episode basis.

Whatever the reason, it's not like he had any bad blood with his co-workers at Martin Bros or the production team for the show. Hopefully, the show will return at a later date and he can make an appearance again.


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