What Happened to Primink?

July 11, 2023

What Happened to Primink?

A YouTube Star who goes by the name Primink, he is a commentator on YouTube who makes videos regarding scammers and web culture and current events that dominate the social media landscape. He has a channel that is about 110,000 subscribers. He has also made a second channel under the name Kile. He has a soft, girly voice and a womanly laugh, he calls himself a twink, and has a lot of female friends who recommend his videos to their followers.

He has made a video titled Man PRETENDS to be a Cop on TikTok and another video titled The Time 4Chan Faked a School Shooter: The Eggman Story, which have achieved over 106 million total views combined. He has a very active Facebook page and is active on TikTok, which is where many of his followers are from. He has a net worth of around $175 million.


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