What Happened to Property Brothers?

March 29, 2024

Drew and Jonathan Scott are famous for transforming drab homes into fab ones on their hit show Property Brothers, but what goes on behind the scenes? The twin brothers have a number of spin-offs and other media projects, including a magazine and home decor line. They also share a very close relationship and are a pillar of their community.

The twins’ careers took off after the first season of Property Brothers premiered in 2011, and the franchise grew into a global empire with many offshoots, including Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother, Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch, and more. Both brothers have a love for real estate, but their career paths diverged before they were cast as the stars of the hit HGTV series. Jonathan has also branched out into magic and is an accomplished illusionist who has performed around the world.

While Property Brothers portrays a wholesome, competent image of the twin contractors, things aren’t always so picture-perfect in reality. In fact, the stars were recently sued by a pair of homeowners who appeared on the show and claimed they didn’t receive the renovation they requested.

Despite the drama, it seems the twins will continue their work on Property Brothers and other shows like Backed By The Bros and Don’t Hate Your House with the Property Brothers. They also have a few new projects in the works, including a spin-off called Family Feud with the Property Brothers and another home improvement show for DIY Network called Home Made Easy.


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