What Happened to Pure Living For Life 2021?

August 23, 2023

Web the popular american youtube couple, alyssa craft and jesse stafford, from pure living for life is a well-known homesteading channel that gained popularity worldwide. The channel highlights how they develop their property free from debt while learning to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. Marketing consulting, video blogging and affiliate sales are major sources of their income.

In 2015, Jesse and Alyssa quit their city lives and bought five acres of land in the countryside. They started filming their journey and documented how they built their dream house from scratch.

The duo generates revenue primarily through their YouTube channel but also sells merchandise and offers online courses. They’ve been hit with significant decline in views because of view fraud and other controversies. However, they haven’t stopped creating videos and continue to share their amazing experiences with their viewers. They are a great inspiration for many people.


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