What Happened to Rachel?

September 10, 2023

Rachel was a wife to Jacob and mother of Joseph and Benjamin. The Bible reveals that she was the second of Leah’s children, and Jacob loved her so much that he ran right up to her and kissed her (Genesis 29:15). Despite having no sons, Rachel continued to persevere in her faith in God’s promise to give her offspring many descendants (Genesis 30:21). She also demonstrated incredible loyalty to her family – even when she died she requested that her husband bury her immediately. Rachel’s legacy continues to be celebrated today, a symbol of hope and loyalty for the Israelites.

When Anna Hunt moves to Blackwell Academy for her new eighth grade class, she notices that one student is treated like a social pariah. She convinces her teacher to let her do an un-essay on the subject, and discovers that a fellow classmate was murdered in mysterious circumstances.

Though she was a well-liked girl, Rachel was also rumored to be more promiscuous than her friend Chloe Price. Several pieces of graffiti throughout Blackwell suggest that she partied with Vortex Club members and hung out with Frank Bowers, a drug dealer. It’s also implied that she was in a relationship with Mr. Jefferson, who drugged her during one of his sick photography sessions and possibly killed her. In her letter to Chloe, Rachel referred to him as “a mystery man,” but it wasn’t clear whether she was referring to him.


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