What Happened to Randy Quaid?

October 19, 2023

The actor was a wide-eyed star in some hugely successful films, but offscreen, things took a wild turn. He seemed to be headed for a decent retirement until he started acting like a madman, blaming his problems on Rupert Murdoch and a shadowy group of assassins that only exists in his mind.

The story of randy quaid’s self-implosion downfall is long and strange, but it begins in 2008 when he was blackballed from a Broadway show because of alleged verbal and physical abuse of fellow cast members. From there, his downward spiral seems to have had multiple starting points, depending on who you ask.

Family, friends, and law enforcement all have their own versions of how he went from being a popular actor in movies such as The Last Detail to filing for refugee status in Canada with his wife, Evi, because they were on the run from an imaginary organization that they call the Hollywood Star Whackers.

In 2015, they filmed a video where they spelled out their grievances with News Corp and Warner Brothers, including that they were part of the aforementioned “Star Whackers.” They also put a paper Rupert Murdoch mask on Evi and simulated sex with her, which drew some serious complaints from the internet.

Most recently, the couple was arrested for squatting in a vacation home they sold, then failed to appear for an arraignment on felony vandalism charges. Because they were fugitives from justice, Evi lost her $500,000 bail, but Randy was released because he had already paid the fee.


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