What Happened to Reba on Wicked Tuna?

July 29, 2023

What Happened to Reba on Wicked Tuna

During the filming of the hit reality show, Hot Tuna captain TJ Ott brought his beloved dog, Reba, along with him. The canine was a fixture on the show and quickly became a fan favorite. However, tragedy struck the crew in 2018 when Reba passed away. The loss was felt by the entire cast, including viewers who loved seeing her on the show.

In an episode of Wicked Tuna titled “Dog Days,” TJ Ott and his crew pay tribute to their late colleague. The clip shows them all holding up a sign that reads, “R.I.P, Reba.” It’s clear that TJ was devastated by the loss of his dog and had a hard time moving on with his fishing career.

While TJ has a new partner now, many fans still miss his old companion, Reba. The canine was a constant presence on the show and helped TJ and his crew stay motivated during long days at sea. The animal also provided comic relief during tense moments on the boat.

Despite the hardships that come with being on the show, many of the cast members make quite a bit of money. The stars of the National Geographic series earn a reported $10,000 per episode and can keep any money they earn from selling their catch. In addition, some of the stars own their own boats, which add to their net worth. The top two earners on the show are Captain Dave Marciano and Captain Bruce Carraro, with both earning more than $500,000. Paul Hebert is the third richest star with a net worth of $400,000. He owns his own fishing vessel, the Wicked Pissah.


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