What Happened to Rebekah Kolenda?

March 11, 2024

Rebekah Kolenda is a public figure, the right hand of her husband Daniel and the mother of five children. She is an active member of the Christ for all Nations church. She is not as famous as her husband, but her role in his success cannot be ignored. The woman is always next to her husband and takes an active part in worship.

The couple lives in Orlando and has been married for more than 10 years. The woman does not have a blog on social networks and does not have a separate ministry, but she is active in prayer, especially with women. She is also invited to various events and talks about the role of a wife, about faith in God and about a happy marriage.

She has a daughter, Gloria, and sons, London, Lydia and Benjamin. She attended Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida and Brownsville Revival School. She has an amazing auction and a great anointing in her preaching.

Initially, Bonnke was hesitant to groom Kolenda for his successor. But he eventually realized that he could not do everything alone and started to give the young preacher opportunities to lead crusades. In addition to delivering the sermons, Kolenda had to deal with all the administrative and logistical details, which are just as important as preaching itself.

Today, the Double Harvest ministry has a robust infrastructure and includes evangelism bootcamps, where students are taught to lead crusades in their local communities. The hope is that eventually, many of these graduates will replace the current generation of evangelists who travel to other countries to preach.


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