What Happened to Remy on Queen Sugar?

July 29, 2023

The end of the season of queen sugar came with plenty of drama. But what happened to remy? This article takes a look at what happened to the character, who left a major impact on the show.

Remy Newell (Dondre Whitfield) had to get his revenge against the Landry family and the whole world in Queen Sugar’s Season 6 finale. His plan was a little different than the usual, but just as effective. He hooked up with Nova Bordelon (Rutina Wesley). Nova is a journalist who focuses on police corruption in New Orleans. She also sells weed and practices voodoo in her spare time. That mix shouldn’t have been a problem – except for the fact that she’s dating a white, married cop named Calvin.

So, that tidbit of info should have made it clear to Nova that the connection between her and Remy shouldn’t last too long. But then she finds out that Remy is her ex-boyfriend.

That’s not a good development for anyone, but especially not for Nova. She has been trying to get over her feelings for Charley and it’s not like she wants to see that happen again.

Thankfully, she was able to pull it together in time to stop the sale of the farm. That would have been one of the worst things to happen in Saint Joseph Springs. And it seems as though it won’t be the last time we get to watch this beloved family struggle for a better future.


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