What Happened to Richard Fritz?

September 10, 2023

In an era when the U.S. backed the overthrow of Albania's government and Henry Kissinger signed off on Argentina's Dirty War, one man rose from street hustler to drug kingpin. Fritz reigned supreme for over a decade in the drug game, making millions under the radar of the NYPD and never getting busted.

He would distribute kilos of cocaine on a kingpin level to many well-known Harlem heavyweights and employ hundreds throughout the five boroughs of New York City and its neighboring states. Fritz was also generous in ways that few people from Harlem had ever seen. When Donnell Porter's older brother was kidnapped and held for half a million dollars in ransom, Fritz supplied 30 free kilos of cocaine to help raise the money.

Unlike other big-name drug dealers of the day, Fritz was low key and frugal. He wore nondescript overalls and drove a modest Nissan Maxima. While his contemporaries cruised uptown in luxury vehicles, Fritz stayed home and watched television.

Harlem Holiday brings to her readers the true story of Fritz's life and death after almost three decades of silence, speculation and secrecy. Her book is a revealing account of events as disclosed by his closest friends and family, newspaper clippings, magazine articles and social media. Fritz's truth, joy and despair are all captured in detail. The saga of Harlem's most powerful drug dealer is finally told.


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