What Happened To Richard Wheatley On Law And Order?

July 30, 2023

Dylan McDermott has had a wild ride on law and order as mobster richard wheatley. He came on the scene in season 1 of organized crime and quickly became a fan favorite. Initially, he was supposed to be on the show for one season but ended up sticking around for a bit longer than originally anticipated. He then got the call to replace Julian McMahon on FBI most wanted.

Unfortunately for many fans, that means his time on law and order is coming to an end. But he’s not going out quietly. McDermott is opening up about his experience on the show and what it has meant to him.

What Happened To Richard Wheatley On Law And Order

As for what happened to Richard, he went all out in his quest for revenge against Stabler and his ex-wife Angela. That included causing a citywide blackout by taking over the power grid. And it didn’t seem to matter that he left New Yorkers with some major health issues in the process. The last viewers saw of Richard and Angela were them plunging off a cliff in a car together. Her body was found but Richard’s wasn’t.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, McDermott opens up about the end of his time on the show and what it has meant to himself as an actor. He also reveals his decision to move on to the spinoff was a difficult one. But he believes the decision is for the best. The show will continue on without him, with Denis Leary debuting as a police officer from a neighboring precinct and reuniting with Stabler after their fathers served together in the NYPD.


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