What Happened to Ringo Starr's Eyebrow?

July 29, 2023

When Ringo Starr and his bandmates – John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison – formed The Beatles in the 1960s, they exploded into international fame with smash hits like Hey Jude, All You Need Is Love, Penny Lane, and many more. The group arguably revolutionized the music industry, and each member of the legendary rock band had their own quirks that made them unique and stand out in a crowd.

One of the most notable differences between Ringo and his bandmates was that he had a gap in his left eyebrow. The gap is a scar that is likely the result of a childhood injury, though it’s not clear exactly what happened to him to cause the injury. The scar is also noticeably higher on his head than the right eyebrow, giving him a distinctive look that has been with him throughout his career.

In early photos of Ringo, he was often seen disguising his grey eyebrow with makeup to cover it up. However, as he became more comfortable with performing in front of crowds, he started to let his unique eyebrow shine through.

Ringo is still active in music today, releasing albums with his All Starr Band and touring around the world. He is also an advocate for mental health, and has spoken openly about his struggles with depression and substance abuse over the years.


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