What Happened to RJ Molinere and Jay Paul 2021?

July 12, 2023

RJ Molinere and Jay Paul made a name for themselves on the History Channel series ‘Swamp People’, which documents alligator hunters from Louisianna. The father-son duo’s tactics and spiritual approach to hunting helped them win over audiences and become fan favorites. But the pair left the show after season 10 without any word from the cast or producers. What’s the deal?

The duo’s enigmatic personalities and their gator hunting skills made them instant hits. Their cultural heritage and unique tactics also added to their charm. They’re a perfect fit for the show, which follows families that make a living from capturing alligators in Louisiana swamps.

But what happened to the beloved father-son duo? As it turns out, they’re still pursuing their passions in the Louisiana bayou. RJ, in particular, hasn’t stopped tracking down gators and has been passing on his skills to his son. Jay Paul, on the other hand, has moved into tourism with his company Rising Sun Bowfishing and Swamp Tours.

Despite leaving the show, the two are still well-off and enjoying life in the bayou. Jay’s net worth is reportedly $2 million, while RJ’s is about $700,000. Their combined net worth is supplemented by their appearance fees from the show and money they’ve earned from arm wrestling.

What’s more, the pair can also count on their social media following to boost their income. The pair frequently shares pictures of their adventures in the swamps and their personal lives.


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