What Happened to Robert Dean II and Ari Nikki?

February 6, 2024

When Gordon Ramsay's business rescue series, Hotel Hell first premiered in 2012, one of the first places featured was the 110 year old historic mansion Juniper Hill Inn in Windsor, Vermont. The owners were Robert Dean II and his partner Ari Nikki who bought the property for $1.6 million in 2005 but had run into financial trouble with their mismanagement of the hotel and restaurant. In the episode, Ramsay was tasked with saving the hotel from bankruptcy.

They aren't making any money, the restaurant is almost empty, and staff members are complaining about being paid - or not being paid at all. Gordon meets with the chef Ida who says she only makes $15,000 a year, and is forced to put purchases on her credit card because of the low wages. He also visits the basement which is overflowing with hoarded antiques that Robert claims are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After meeting the pair, Ramsay starts by retraining the staff, improving the dining experience and cleaning up the restaurant and cellar. He advises Robert to sell his antiques and get the restaurant back in shape.

After relaunching the business, the staff are happy and the locals start coming back to the restaurant. But a few weeks after the show aired, several of the staff left. It seems the owners reverted back to their bad habits and drove away many of the people who helped them through a difficult time on TV.


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