What Happened to Rocky on The Little Couple?

August 25, 2023

Rocky and Maggie were Bill Klein and Jen Arnold’s two beloved dogs on The Little Couple. The pair instantly became fan favorites thanks to their lovable personalities and heartwarming moments shared by the couple. While the furry friends may not have as much screen time now as they did in earlier seasons, it’s clear that their well-being comes first for Bill and Jen.

While it’s been a while since the two pups were featured on-screen, The Little Couple star has been providing updates to fans through social media about their health and wellbeing. Most recently, she revealed that Maggie has been hospitalized in Boston for a medical emergency. Many viewers are concerned about what’s wrong with the dog and hope she recovers soon.

Jen also revealed that the family’s other dog, Rocky, is currently with her in Boston for some medical attention as well. The reality star hasn’t specified what’s wrong with the goofy chihuahua, but fans are excited to see him spending time with his family.

Bill and Jen’s two pooches have been through quite a bit on the show over the years. They were the first two dogs to join the family, and the couple’s kids Will and Zoey quickly fell in love with them too. They’ve traveled the world, gone to multiple weddings, and even opened a pet boutique together! Rocky and Maggie have been by Bill and Jen’s side through all of the ups and downs, so it’s no surprise that they’re now facing some major medical issues.


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