What Happened to Rolling Ray?

March 7, 2023

what happened to rolling ray

What happened to rolling ray?

Rolling Ray is a rapper, reality TV star and an Internet personality. He gained notoriety after appearing on the MTV series Catfish: Trolls and Divorce Court. He is a frequent social media presence and has over 429 thousand followers on Instagram as of this writing.

What happened to his wig?

Ray recently uploaded a video of him in a wheelchair, which attracted a lot of attention. His followers are wondering what the reason is behind his use of a wheelchair, and they're hoping for a full recovery.

Doja cat and rolling ray settled their trademark dispute with a behind the scenes DM exchange

Rolling Ray was not happy that Doja Cat had trademarked his phrase "It's Giving." The Bobby I Love You, Purr star appeared to be pleased by whatever her nemesis sent her way in a DM.

What happened to her ex-boyfriend?

Ray’s ex-boyfriend, Roland Brown, was quick to respond to the rumours. He urged netizens to dissuade from spreading death rumors on his account.

He also thanked his fans and celebs for their support. Among the people who commented on his post were Alexis Sky from Love and Hip Hop and Saucy Santana.

What happened to his music?

The social media star is no longer recording new music, and his fans are begging him to resume production. His last song was released in January, and it is titled “Shut It Down.” He has also been featured on Love and Hip Hop and has an appearance on MTV’s Catfish: Trolls.


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