What Happened to Rollins on Law & Order: SVU?

October 7, 2023

After two and a half decades, Law & Order: SVU has earned the right to be a bit picky about its cast shake-ups. So it's a little concerning that the show has been slipping on the fundamental traits of its characters of late, most recently in the form of Detective Kat Tamin (Jamie Gray Hyder) and Deputy Chief Christian Garland (Demarre Barnes). Both have been written out after short runs as series regulars, and it was particularly upsetting to fans when their character deaths were revealed.

The previous season saw Rollins say goodbye to the squad in a very bittersweet scene as she and Assistant District Attorney Dominick Carisi (Peter Scanavino) got married. She told Benson that she was leaving for a new job, and the pair shared a tearful hug.

But what's next for SVU and Rollins? A 15-second promo for the show's return doesn't include her, and Carisi isn't present either. But it's worth noting that Chicago P.D. and FBI: Most Wanted alum Molly Burnett has joined the show in a recurring role, and it would make sense for her to be bumped up to series regular prior to whatever happens with Rollins.

NBC hasn't officially commented on Giddish's status as an SVU regular, but TVLine reports that the first episode of Season 24 will see Rollins undergo a fresh trauma. It's unclear if this will lead to her departure, but it seems like the odds aren't good that she will return.


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