What Happened to Romuald on Spring Baking Championship 2022?

September 10, 2023

'Spring Baking Championship' has been renewed season after season because of the way it draws you into the contestants. You get so invested in their fate that it hurts your heart when they make a mistake. And one of the competitors from this season, Romuald Guiot, took a big step backward when he decided to walk off the show.

The show's host, Molly Yeh, explained the reasoning behind Romuald's decision to leave the competition in a recent Instagram post. According to Yeh, Romuald was "a wonderful competitor on this show and will be missed!" But that's not the end of the story. Romuald's decision to quit left many of his fans confused.

Romuald Guiot is a pastry chef who has competed in a number of culinary competitions. He currently works as the executive chef at Pitchoun! and has a bachelor's degree from Ceproc - Centre d'excellence des professions culinaires.

He specializes in cakes and desserts that combine French technique with American creativity. He was a fan favorite on Spring Baking Championship and had high praise from judges Nancy Fuller, Duff Goldman, and Kardea Brown.

The first round of the competition had the bakers paired up in teams. Tom and Annabelle chose espresso romano, Diego and Stephom picked cafe bombon, Kim and Justin went with marocchino, and Jaleesa and Carolyn opted for caramel macchiato. For the mid-round twist, the bakers had to incorporate prickly pear into their desserts. The team who got the highest score won immunity from elimination.


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