What Happened to Rory Lee Feek's First Wife?

August 24, 2023

What Happened to rory lee feek's first wife

Rory Lee Feek gained massive popularity after his appearance in the CMT talent show ’Can you Duet’ with his late wife Joey. The duo went on to become a famous country music duo known as Joey+Rory. Joey passed away in March 2016 after battling cervical cancer.

It was a heartbreaking loss for everyone, including Feek who wrote about her on his blog. He has been taking care of their daughter, Indiana and pursuing his music career.

In the documentary he did on his life after her death, Feek revealed that he never thought that he was no more a married man. In an interview he did in February 2017, he revealed that his wife’s death broke him mentally and he is still recovering from the pain.

Tamara Gilmer and Rory Lee Feek got married in a private ceremony on 3rd August 1985. They sired two children in their marriage; Heidi Feek and Hopie Feek. The couple separated in 1992 but no reason was given for their divorce.

Feek remained single for a few years and later met a woman named Joey Martin. They began dating and soon got married. Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer and after a long battle, she died in 2016. Feek has been devoted to her family ever since and has been making great music. He is also a songwriter who has won several awards for his work.


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