What Happened to Saanvi in Manifest?

August 23, 2023

After four seasons of mystery and far too many heartbreaking losses, the Manifest journey has come to an end. But how did everyone fare? And who is the series’ next casualty?

What Happened to Saanvi in Manifest

Saanvi Bahl, played by Parveen Kaur, is one of the most interesting characters on the show. A scientist, she quickly takes an interest in the premonitions that have been shared by passengers of Flight 828. This leads her to join an NSA task force led by Robert Vance (Daryl Edwards) and becomes involved in trying to figure out what happened to the plane.

During her time with the NSA, she has had a long-standing friendship with Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) and works closely with him on researching the callings. She also has a romantic connection with him, but she is hesitant to let this blossom.

In the second season of Manifest, she is approached by Alex Bates (Sydney Morton) for help with her research. She agrees, but not before telling Alex that she has a boyfriend and does not want anything more to happen between them. After a few kisses, they both realize their feelings for each other and eventually hook up.

The two work together to understand the callings and develop a deeper bond over their mutual interests. However, they do not take their relationship public as it would jeopardize their work with the NSA. This leaves the door open for a potential romance between them in future episodes, but this will not be easy to navigate as it will likely require Ben to move on from Grace and start over with her.


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