What Happened to Sammi on Shameless

July 29, 2023

What Happened to Sammi on Shameless

Towards the end of season five, Sammi moved in with her brothers to be accepted into the Gallagher household. She tried to help out in any way she could and even started to open up to Debbie and Ian a little bit. Unfortunately, her relationship with Ian was always a bit rocky. In fact, he broke up with her on the front porch at the end of the episode in which she threatened him with a gun.

The following season, she would show up at the laundromat with a bottle of vodka and a smile on her face. She would go on to sleep with Lip and also start a casual relationship with Sean. But it didnt take long for the two to begin fighting again. It was clear that they were both feeling some kind of way about their current partners and it looked like they were ready to move on.

But before they could, Mickey decided to get revenge on Sammi by drugging her and hiding her in a moving container. It seemed like she died from the drugs and her body was never recovered.

Afterwards, she was left homeless and penniless once again, but she gained hope when Frank promised to buy her a trailer. She was able to get back into her old routine with the help of Fiona and Sean. Despite her relationship troubles, she continued to fight for her family. Even when she reported Chuckie to the police for her drug dealing, she still managed to call on Carl in return.


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