What Happened to Sarah Cameron's Mom in Season 3 of Outer Banks

July 11, 2023

Sarah Cameron escaped from the clutches of Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) in the season 3 finale of Outer Banks by throwing a stick of dynamite into his cave hiding the Cross of Santo Domingo. However, this didn’t kill him and he was found alive on board a cargo ship headed to an island in the Caribbean with all his gold and the Cross in the hold.

He faked his death to escape Shoupe and the police back home after being exposed as an accomplice in Peterkin’s death, and also for killing Gavin earlier in the season. Now that he’s been caught, he wants to get the Pogues off his hands by getting them to help him reach El Dorado and retrieve the treasure.

The problem is that he puts Sarah in danger, too. He drugs her with tea and kidnaps her on the cargo ship to the Caribbean. When John B (Rudy Pankow) tries to save her, Ward nearly kills them both as they fight. Eventually, he gets pushed off the edge of the ship and he dies on impact.

The show has never specified who the Cameron kids’ birth mother is but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating. One of the names that is being thrown around is Carla Limbrey, who appeared on the show in season 2. The reason why many fans believe she could be the Camerons’ mother is because she and Ward had a falling out.


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