What Happened to Sarah's Mom in Outer Banks?

July 11, 2023

For those who aren’t on board with the Netflix show Outer Banks, it follows Madelyn Cline’s Sarah Cameron as she navigates all of the teenage angst and adolescent drama that comes along with finding your first love. However, the storyline isn’t just about the romance between Sarah and John B. The series also centers around a mysterious treasure hunt, as the Pogues try to uncover the location of an ancient artifact that could change their lives forever.

Amongst the characters featured on Outer Banks is JJ Maybank (Rudy Pankow), Sarah’s BFF who suffers from borderline personality disorder, Kiara Cameron (Madison Bailey), John B’s reckless best friend, and Topper (Austin North), his fellow Kooks' sketchy police officer boyfriend. There’s even Carlacia Grant as the crew member on Captain Terrance’s ship from Nassau who befriends Sarah and John B, eventually becoming part of the group.

But one character in particular has been the subject of much speculation, and that’s Rose Cameron. She’s Sarah and Wheezie’s stepmother, as well as Ward’s naive trophy wife. But she’s never really been a defining character on the series, and many fans have suspected that she isn’t Sarah’s biological mother.

As the series enters its third season, it brings with it a lot of questions about the futures of these beloved characters. So what exactly happened to Sarah’s mom in Outer Banks? Keep reading to find out!


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