What Happened to Sarah's Mom?

July 29, 2023

After being abused by her stepfather, Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) had a lot to deal with. She decided to report him and eventually got justice for her trauma. However, what happened to her mom remains a mystery. While we have a good idea who killed her dad, what about the Camerons’ biological mother?

In Run Rabbit Run, we find that Sarah’s mom left Joel after she was born. She didn’t keep any mementos from their relationship, implying that she wasn’t someone she loved very much. She also didn’t like to spend time with her daughter. This is why Sarah doesn’t talk about her, except to her logic rock Van.

When Sarah returns to the bungalow in Waikerie, she begins having visions of Alice, who is haunting her through her daughter Mia. Sarah is convinced that the ghost of her sister is trying to tell her something and admits to herself that she has done terrible things in her life.

As a result, Sarah becomes depressed and shuts herself off from the outside world. She even tries to kill herself by cutting her throat. This is where her father Paul comes in to save the day. He wants to help Sarah move on and lets her know that it’s not his fault that her mother died. With the help of his love bug, Walter, he convinces Sarah to visit her childhood home and let go of her guilt.


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