What Happened to Sean Taylor?

October 7, 2023

Sean taylor was a star football player for the University of Miami and a first-round draft pick by the Washington Redskins. During his rookie season, he had 78 total tackles, four interceptions, and 15 passes defended. He also returned a fumble 51 yards for a touchdown. Despite being an all-pro safety, Taylor wasn't perfect. He had a rocky relationship with his girlfriend and their 18-month-old daughter. He also threw a few temper tantrums during games and got a slap on the wrist from the NFL after spitting in the face of Buccaneers player Michael Pittman.

The night of November 24, 2007, was the end of a promising career for the hard-hitting safety. Intruders broke into his home, thinking no one was there. When Taylor confronted them, they shot him in the leg, severing his femoral artery and causing massive blood loss. He died 24 hours later in what was a tragic end to an otherwise promising life.

Eric Rivera, Jason Mitchell, Charles Wardlow, and Venjah Hunte were arrested and charged with a variety of offenses related to the crime. Their trials were postponed many times, and it would be another seven years before the alleged shooter finally received his sentence. His death was a tragedy that could have been prevented. To this day, his family has not forgotten that his death was preventable. They are continuing to fight for justice for their beloved son. His family has started a foundation in his name to help other children in similar situations.


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