What Happened to SeaNanners 2018?

July 29, 2023

Video game commentator Adam Montoya, also known as SeaNanners, disappeared from the gaming world in 2018 leaving fans wondering what happened to him. But in a recent video, the Call of Duty YouTube gamer explains why he took a break from his channel and what he’s doing with himself now.

In his videos, Nanners takes his five million-plus subscribers on journeys through everything from first-person shooters to sandboxes and nearly all of the games in between. His videos are characterized by their variety, general friendliness, humour, limited wardrobe and his apparent ability to win any game.

Nanners’s success on YouTube and Twitch led to him starring in a new YouTube Red series with Scott Robison (a.k.a Mr Sark) and Evan Fong called The Paranormal Action Squad. The animated adult comedy was an instant hit, racking up a huge number of views and subscribers.

In a recent video, the Call of Duty player explained that his break from his channel was not permanent but he just needed to take a breather. He said that he realized that he was working all the time and that it was taking a toll on him, so he decided to step away for a while.

The popular YouTuber also revealed that he had been busy investing in real estate to boost his income. He also shared that he was looking forward to getting back into creating gaming content in the near future.


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