What Happened to Shadman?

October 10, 2023

Shadman is a popular Swiss-based YouTuber who’s famous for his vulgar art and adult webcomics. Currently, he’s in the news for all the wrong reasons as he’s been arrested for assault. This has left a lot of people in a frenzy, trying to find out what happened to him.

What Happened to shadman?

A few years back, he was facing a ton of drama due to his NSFW and loli art. He’s drew sexually offensive illustrations of underage girls that he called “lolis”. Several people considered him to be a pedophile. Eventually, he decided to discontinue his work due to all the backlash that it generated. But apparently, that wasn’t the end of it.

Recently, he was arrested in LA for assaulting a woman with a weapon. His arrest has once again raised questions about the nature of his art and the limits of free speech.

Many people on social media have expressed their opinions about his arrest. Some of them defended him, arguing that he wasn’t a danger to society and that the alleged assault was a minor incident. Others, on the other hand, have argued that his actions should be punished severely. It’s important to note that he has yet to enter a plea in his case.


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