What Happened to Sharkeisha Thompson?

October 11, 2023

When best friends or siblings quarrel, they rarely go physical. But 16-year-old Sharkiesha Thompson was a girl with no respect for the “girls’ code” and her raging hormones made her an enemy of her classmate Shamichael Manuel, whom she mercilessly attacked in front of a friend. The attack would have gone unnoticed had the incident not been captured on video. The ensuing scuffle left ShaMichaeal with a black eye and busted lip, while Sharkiesha became a meme and subject to online ridicule.

It’s unclear why Sharkiesha decided to assault her classmate, but it’s clear that she’s no longer a good friend. The young woman lost her scholarship, and she’s been a constant target of online bullying since the viral video resurfaced. She’s endured a barrage of trolls and hateful comments, and she had to cancel her dream of going to college because her parents don’t want her to risk getting bullied.

A number of rumors have claimed that Sharkiesha is dead, but all of them are fakes. The girl who hit her unsuspecting friend is alive and well, but she’s become secretive on social media to avoid the attention that comes with being a viral sensation. An account that claims to be the infamous attacker calls herself Queen Sharkeisha and has thousands of followers. It doesn’t have any identifying photos, however, so it’s hard to verify if it’s really her. If it is, she hasn’t updated her Twitter or Instagram in over a year.


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