What Happened to Sheila in Shameless Season 5

March 25, 2024

What Happened to Sheila in Shameless

A sweet and kind woman with a penchant for making lists, Sheila Jackson (Joan Cusack) is also a sex addict. Unfortunately, her husband Eddy doesn’t seem to appreciate that, and Sheila has a hard time getting out of the house thanks to her crippling agoraphobia. Sheila works hard to overcome her fear and tries to be a part of the world around her, spending hours psyching herself up for a simple walk across the front lawn.

Sheila and the Gallagher children spend a lot of time at Sheila’s house, where she volunteers to clean and watch over the kids. Despite her struggles, Sheila manages to be a good mother and makes the Gallaghers proud.

In Season 5, Sheila is a little harder to find, as her house gets blown up by Frank’s beer scheme experiment. Sheila later moves in with her sister Jody and her kids, who are living in a trailer next door. Sheila is able to bond with the kids and enjoys her new sense of freedom, but eventually has to leave them when Jody moves to Arizona.

Although fans were hoping for Sheila’s return in Season 5 to give more emotional closure for Fiona, it was ultimately time for Sheila to leave. There were rumors that Cusack wanted to leave the show for more projects, but it seems like the timing of her exit was just a natural one. She’s since starred in various movies and TV shows, including Instant Family, Toy Story 4, Klaus, and Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.


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