What Happened to Shorty Sanchez After Fixer Upper Ended?

September 8, 2023

After Fixer Upper ended in 2018, many fans wondered what happened to Shorty Sanchez, Chip Gaines’ right-hand man. Fortunately, the OG Magnolia team member appears to be doing well!

Shorty is a local handyman in Waco who has capitalized on his HGTV success. He runs his own business called Shorty’s Remodeling, a construction company that offers various remodeling services including home modification services and floor installation. He has been giving fans sneak peeks at his work on social media and his business seems to be thriving. He even appeared in a Fixer Upper: Welcome Home episode, clearing up any doubts that he had cut ties with the show.

Chip Gaines recently revealed that he and Shorty are still best buds after five seasons of demo days and plenty of hysterical antics. The two were reunited on screen to assist with some heavy lifting, and some fans thought that Shorty had returned permanently, but it was just a quick helping hand!

In addition to his work on Shorty’s Remodeling, the handyman is also a father. He shared photos of his new daughter on Twitter in May 2020, and he is also married. He also posted a photo of a custom six-foot-tall clock that he made for his wife, showing off his handywork skills.

Chip and Joanna Gaines are multi-millionaires, so it’s safe to say that the cancellation of Fixer Upper won’t have a major impact on their personal lives. However, this might not be the case for the rest of the cast, especially smaller stars like Shorty.


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