What Happened to Shyla Walker's Sister?

September 10, 2023

Shyla Walker is a Tiktok star who focuses on gaining popularity by sharing her daily moments through the app. She is an attractive and talented lady who has a lot of followers in her Instagram account.

The influencer is currently dealing with a terrible tragedy in her life as her sister, Shanice Walker, has suffered from intense brain damage and she’s fighting for her life. She recently posted a heartbreaking post on her Instagram in which she urged her fans to help her and explained the current situation of her sister.

According to her post, the 29-year-old Shanice was admitted to Northridge Hospital in Los Angeles in November 2021 for a severe condition and they have been unable to provide any proper treatment for her. She also claims that the hospital has refused to transfer her to UCLA, Mayo Clinic or even Cedar Senai Neuro for a second opinion.

Despite all of this, Shyla has not made any new social media posts since she shared that update and thus anyone expecting further updates will have to wait until she’s ready to do so, if at all. It’s believed that she has a daughter with her former boyfriend Landon McBroom, but she hasn’t spoken about him in the past and it seems unlikely that they are in a relationship now. Shyla is a highly active individual who exercises regularly and follows a healthy diet, which helps her maintain her slim figure.


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