What Happened to Sierra Hibbert?

April 1, 2024

What happened to sierra hibbert

A woman with a small child in the backseat of her SUV refused to stop despite being pulled over by police for reckless driving. Instead, she plowed her car into officers and their vehicles while screaming, "I didn't do it!" The wild incident took place on July 15 in Byron, Georgia, and it was all caught on camera. Police say they pulled over 24-year-old Sierra Hibbert of Warner Robins on a traffic violation after reports she was driving erratically and veering into oncoming traffic on Highway 42. They say she became uncooperative and refused to speak to them as they tried to block her SUV in between cars, partially blocking the vehicle and placing a tire-deflating Stop Stick underneath it.

After several minutes Hibbert rolled up her window and backed into a car stopped behind her and then pulled forward hitting multiple Byron Police cars, a news release says. When cops tried to block her SUV again, she re-entered the road and drove off on Highway 49. Officers managed to catch up with her after she backed into a third Byron Police car and hit another as she sped forwards on the road.

Then, she finally slammed her SUV into the blocked patrol car after she had a flat tire from the Stop Stick and was stopped by police. Despite the chaos and property damage, no officers or bystanders were hurt. "The Byron Police Department is extremely grateful for the citizens that helped," the release states. Hibbert was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. The child in the backseat of her vehicle was unharmed during the incident.


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