What Happened to Simon Cowell's Face?

October 20, 2023

'What happened to simon cowell's face' is one of the top searches on Google, as fans are concerned about the 62-year-old star's drastic change in appearance. He looked unrecognisable in a teaser video for Britain's Got Talent that was shared in December 2022 and left viewers completely bemused.

Simon has a smooth forehead, plump cheeks and alarmingly white teeth – which is probably due to a few cosmetic procedures. The Syco boss, who has a total worth of £1.4 billion according to Forbes, is not afraid to admit that he had some work done. He even had a '21st-century facelift' to reduce sagging in his skin. The expensive procedure consists of sewing bioplastic-infused thread into the face and tugging it to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

But it's not just about a 'face lift' - he also had dermal fillers injected into his cheeks and jawline. This was a way to add more volume in the cheeks and make them look fuller and more youthful.

He was also given a lower eyelid blepharoplasty to remove loose skin around the eyes and give them a more 'open' appearance. He may have also undergone an endoscopic brow lift to make his eyebrows look higher.

However, the X Factor judge might not have been so lucky when it came to his health and wellbeing. Last year he was involved in an accident on his e-bike which broke his back in three places and required six hours of surgery.


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