What Happened to Sizzle Dragon's Nose?

September 10, 2023


A smoldering blast of hellfire. Deals moderate damage for 6 MP to enemies in a row in front of the caster. Can be cast as often as the caster has MP. Learned by the Hero at level 23, and by Mages & Sages at level 14.

She pictures Red, her Grandma’s old gold dragon with eyes like lightning and a name she can’t remember in Hantmekt. It’s the last dragon she saw alive, and now he is gone. Her lungs complain in the smoke, and she spits out a drop of blood.

Originally a fire spell, Sizzle was revamped in Joker 3 to bake a single group of enemies in a wave of hellfire. It deals 3042 damage for 6 MP, a value that has held consistent across the series.


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