What Happened to SkyDoesMinecraft?

March 15, 2024

One of the most popular Minecraft creators in the late 2010s was Adam Dahlberg, better known as SkyDoesMinecraft. The YouTuber created family-friendly Minecraft content that was so popular that their following grew above 11 million. However, in January 2022, the YouTuber faced abuse allegations from a former girlfriend. The former girlfriend, who goes by the name Elizabeth, uploaded a 6,000 word statement on Twitter that detailed how they were mistreated by Adam. She also accused them of treating other women poorly and sexually assaulting them.

Since the alleged incident, Adam hasn’t made any public statements. Their channel hasn’t had any new videos posted in almost a year. This is likely due to the incredibly serious allegations against the creator.

In the past, SkyDoesMinecraft was a part of Team Crafted along with other popular gaming YouTubers such as ThatGuyBarney, JinBop, and House Owner(Ross). The group was known for their family-friendly content and a pre-cursor to popular YouTubers like PewDiePie. The channel grew to be the eighth most subscribed YouTube channel in 2014 and was the most subscribed Minecraft channel at the time.

In addition to their Minecraft content, the YouTuber did a lot of acting in their videos. They were well-known for their humour and referring to the gold ingot of Minecraft as “budder”. They also had an ongoing war with a giant squid that they called the Derpollolus Squid Overlord. They have also made several music videos and are a musician under the name NetNobody.


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