What Happened to Sloane Hargreaves in the Final Episode of The Umbrella Academy?

October 14, 2023

There was a lot to unpack in the final episode of The Umbrella Academy, which aired on Netflix in June 2022. The show's superhero siblings finally managed to defeat the kugelblitz and save the world, but the finale left plenty of questions in its wake. The biggest mystery surrounds one of the Academy's newest members, Sloane Hargreeves.

Actress Genesis Rodriguez, who plays the sarcastic and mysterious Sloane, made her debut in season three. Her character is one of the Sparrow Academy's number fives, which means she has the ability to manipulate gravity. That can allow her to float in midair or send enemies or objects crashing into each other. It also allows her to create shields for herself and her siblings, which is useful in their battle with the kugelblitz.

By the end of episode 10, Sloane and Luther have started dating, which causes some of her siblings to question whether or not she's still part of the Academy. However, the pair eventually get married, and episode 10 ends with a charming impromptu ceremony. It's soon after that fans realize something is off with the characters — they all seem to have lost their powers.

It turns out that's probably Sir Reginald Hargreeves' plan all along. He wanted to drained the Academy's abilities so they could help him carry out his master plan of resetting the universe. He may have removed their powers in order to power his machine — though it's possible the original Sloane was killed in the process.


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