What Happened to South Beach Tow?

July 12, 2023

South Beach Tow was a reality show that used to air on truTV every Wednesday. The show premiered more than a decade ago and had a short run with a total of 89 episodes spread across 4 seasons. The show was produced by Bodega Pictures and Nuyorican Productions. It featured a towing company called Tremont Towing, whose members often get into crazy situations. The show also portrayed the company feuding with another towing company called Finest Towing. In the show, Finest drivers were shown stealing cars from Tremont, injuring their employees, and even putting sugar in the tanks of their trucks.

The show also starred Mike Perez who is a former Miami police officer. He signed contracts with the production studios Bodega Pictures and Nuyorican to become a cast member on South Beach Tow. He was a fan-favorite and had a cheerful personality. However, once the filming for the show ended, he chose to keep his personal life private and stayed away from the media.

Despite the show being a written drama, it was still able to attract a large number of viewers. But a lot of people began questioning the authenticity of the show after a certain point as it was alleged that the scenes were staged and scripted. Moreover, it was also revealed that the trucking accidents that took place on the show were dramatic re-enactments.

The last episode of the show aired on December 3, 2014, and titled ‘Checkmate’ marked the end of the series. It was during this episode that fans were shocked to learn about the death of Eddie from the series. While the show was cancelled, the real-life Tremont Towing is still in business.


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