What Happened to Spider Man's Parents?

March 18, 2024

There are a few big mysteries in the Marvel Universe, but one of the biggest is what happened to spider man's parents. For decades, fans have wondered what happened to Mary and Richard Parker after they were presumed dead in a plane crash. But with every reboot and retcon, new theories about what really happened have emerged.

Across the different comics, Peter Parker's parents have appeared in multiple ways. In the earliest iterations of Spider-Man, Dr. Richard Parker and his wife Mary were spies working on a cure for cancer at a government facility. They were working with Bolivar Trask when a mission went wrong and they were killed. Their son Peter was taken in by Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Over the years, Peter has learned more about his parents' death and fought the Red Skull, clearing their names as traitors to their country.

However, when the character was rebooted in the 1990s, Richard and Mary appeared again. Their death was not in a plane crash but at the hands of an assassin sent by Harry Osborn, who wanted to take credit for the cure. The assassin sabotaged the plane, and while some people survived the crash, Richard and Mary were among those who died.

Peter was again raised solely by his Aunt and Uncle, but he was told about his parents in a deleted scene from the Amazing Spider-Man 2. Marvel might mine this storyline again for future movies, especially with Tom Holland starring as Spider-Man.


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