What Happened to Stay Human Drummer?

July 29, 2023

What Happened to stay human drummer

Recently, a certain drummer on the Stephen Colbert Show named Joe Saylor went missing from two episodes in a row. Joe is the drummer in Jon Batiste and Stay Human, the house band on the show. The Indiana, Pennsylvania native is a professional jazz musician and percussionist. He started playing drums at the age of three and has established himself in the music industry over the years. He has performed in various jazz clubs and festivals across the US, as well as internationally. He is also an educator who teaches jazz workshops at colleges, including Stanford University.

Some people believed that he may have caught the Covid-19 virus, which is spreading all over the country. However, he didn’t look sick or weak when he returned to the show. Therefore, many fans were wondering where he could be.

Other people speculated that he might have taken a leave to spend time with his wife. However, there is no information about his personal life as he has not been active on social media. In fact, he has never revealed who his wife is. Moreover, he has never mentioned that they have a baby.

It was later announced that Jon Batiste would be stepping down as the bandleader to pursue his career goals. In his place, Louis Cato will take over the role. He has been a part of the show’s house band since its launch in 2015, as well as the bandleader of NYC Musician’s Union Local 802 since 2017. During his tenure, Cato has worked with artists like Mariah Carey and John Legend. He has also performed at the White House, Howard Theater, Webster Hall, and Lincoln Center.


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