What Happened To Stephen Colbert's Face?

July 29, 2023

What Happened To stephen colbert's Face

For years, Stephen Colbert has masqueraded as a self-obsessed conservative talking head on his Comedy Central show The Colbert Report. The character was a satiric embodiment of right-wing TV hosts, especially Bill O'Reilly with a dash of Stone Phillips and Geraldo Rivera. Politicians of all stripes paraded on the show to hawk their agendas and get poked at by Colbert.

The aforementioned O'Reilly-inspired pokes were the bread and butter of the show, but Colbert also took pride in bringing in big name stars to his program. He made a habit of meeting with — and poking fun at — presidential candidates, including Mike Huckabee who appeared on the show before winning his 2008 campaign for president.

As a result of that long running joke, viewers have come to know the real Stephen Colbert pretty well. He has revealed a lot of things about himself and his life, including his health issues.

For example, the show host has been deaf in his right ear since he was born due to surgery to fix a perforated eardrum. He also talked about his struggles with depression and anxiety, and revealed that he is a Catholic.

As for his infamous hair tousle with Donald Trump, Colbert spoke out in support of Jimmy Fallon who got unfairly slammed by the public over his playful interview with the GOP nominee in 2016. The late night star also talked about Jon Batiste, the house band member of The Late Show who is like the Lebron James of ruining comedy with his bad music choices.


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