What Happened to Steve-O's Voice?

April 2, 2024

After years of puking, fire breathing, getting kicked in the balls and eating some of the most vile things known to man (all for our entertainment), Jackass star Steve-O is still going strong. The man is still doing stunts, touring comedy clubs, and even hosting his own booming podcast, Wild Ride with Steve-O. He's also a regular on National Lampoon's TV: The Movie and has even co-starred with a few of his fellow Jackass alumni on a show called Wildboyz.

Steve-O has been sober for over a decade, and it seems like his body is starting to repair itself after decades of abuse. But what about his famous raspy timbre? In a recent video, he explains that the cause of his dreaded voice wasn't years of puking or drugs (although he did mention that he turned down an appearance on Bill Maher's podcast because he wouldn't agree to not smoke weed in the studio).

He says that the problem actually stemmed from something medical. It turns out that he has dysphonia, which is "a disorder of the vocal cords, mouth or throat that interferes with normal speaking." In his case, it was muscle tension dysphonia, which causes people to speak differently due to strain on the muscles.

Luckily, Steve-O's dysphonia is treatable, and he's working with a doctor to retrain his throat muscles so that his voice sounds more normal. And, hey, his lips aren't even swollen like they used to be.


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