What Happened to Steven Seagal?

March 12, 2024

After karate chopping his way to fame in films like Above The Law and Under Siege, Steven Seagal seemed to have it all. He was one of the biggest action B-movie stars of his time. But, as with anything in show business, tastes change and Seagal's star began to fade. Today, the actor is only in demand for straight-to-DVD movies that are probably best left to find with other "Awesome Action Epics" DVDs in the back of your local thrift store.

He was a big deal at first, but it wasn't long before people started wondering, 'what happened to steven seagal?'

As his popularity grew, he got more and more involved in crazy things like making claims of being an ex-CIA agent or Navy Seal. He also started getting sued for sexual harassment, which isn't uncommon in the world of Hollywood. During this time, it was common for Seagal to ask women to take off their tops so he could grope their breasts and show them where their spiritual "meridian points" were located. Eventually, he found religion in Buddhism and decided to leave violent action movies behind.

He tried to do some acting in films like the genteel Prince of Central Park, but it wasn't enough for Hollywood to keep giving him roles. Now he only acts in movies that are guaranteed to go straight-to-DVD, which is fine by most fans of the former action B-movie star. Hopefully, the next film he makes will be better than The Dead Pool 2. Otherwise, it's probably best for everyone that he retires from acting and spends his days gardening and converting strippers to buddhism.


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