What Happened to Sting's First Wife?

February 2, 2024

Heartbreak is a classic songwriting subject, and Sting – the frontman for The Police – is no stranger to its stings. Around the time of their recording of Synchronicity in 1984, he was going through a separation from his first wife Frances Tomelty. The bitter taste of divorce was exacerbated by tabloid fodder that revealed he had hooked up with Trudie Styler. The pair were close friends at the time, but their relationship caused a huge stir. They were both involved in high-profile careers – Trudie was an actress, and she ran her own production company Xinghu. She would go on to have four children with Sting, including his eldest son, Giacomo Luke.

Styler was a brash punky blonde who spotted Sting – then Gordon Sumner – on the street in their Bayswater neighborhood back in 1977, when he still had green hair and was called simply “Gordon.” She claimed that she fell in love with him "the moment she laid eyes on him" and that he did the same. By 1983, she was pregnant with their first child and joining his band on the road for a world tour. It's safe to say that it was the least ideal situation you could imagine, but they did it anyway.

Today, the couple is still together and have been for over 30 years. Trudie is now a film producer and director and has had a long acting career, appearing in movies like Me Without You and Showtime's Ripley. She has also founded her own charity, the Every Breath Foundation.


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